For Rates after these dates please contact us to make an enquiry

A maximum of 6 Adults + 2 Children are included in the 3 Bedroom rate
A maximum of 4 Guests are included in the 2 Bedroom rate
No Additional Guests Allowed for 2 Bedroom Rate

Additional Guests are allowed with 3 Bedroom Rate with following extra charges
For up to 4 extra Adults or Children in Extra Beds either in bedroom or gym US$ 50 ++ per person
Note : Absolute Maximum Occupancy in the Residence = 10 people.
Above Rates include Breakfast for Paying Guests.
Any visitor for Breakfast who is not a Paying Guest will be charged US$15 ++ per person

++ = 15.5% tax and service charge.

Children under 10 years of age must have Adult supervision if sleeping in the gym.
24hr & Daytime Babysitter available at very reasonable rates. Please check with booking agent on this website.

Bedroom Rate
Extra Bed Rate
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